White House Circus

Starring POTUS

From the mind of George Takei, enjoy House of Cats: the first interactive, AR-enabled political satire app featuring Trumpy Cat, along with his memorable quotes and an array of animated political animals!

Get inside the White House!

Follow POTUS!

Don’t miss his greatest moments!

Pick your favorite crazy quotes and relive some of the funniest lines from the most hilarious animated presidential cat in U.S. history!

Watch Trumpy Cat interact with his family, friends and enemies in the oval on your mobile screen or on your tabletop in markerless Augmented Reality mode – just touch the presidential seal and see him appear in your home, office or party zone!

Best of all – touch the mike and make the top presidential cat say anything you can dream of!  That’s right – you can create, record and share your own recordings or videos of you and your friends and the top cat riffing on the latest news – and any other funny stuff you can think of!

Coming soon…original scenes hot from the press highlighting the hijinks of Tweeter in Chief and the latest parade of creatures inside the oval and across the globe!  Stay tuned….!


  • Voice over recording; create your own crazy speech for POTUS
  • Video sharing; record your new animation of Trumpy Cat and share it on social media
  • 360 view inside the oval office; move around and interact with the characters
  • Top 50 craziest quotes from POTUS; relive those unbelievable moments
  • Trumpy Cat in Augmented Reality; bring him anywhere, take a video and share it!
  • Interactive animated characters; touch them and see what happens
  • No internet connection required – completely playable offline
  • Easy navigation: Simple menu and buttons for easy browsing
  • Supports tablets and phones

Share your Trumpy Cat videos with your allies!